Courageous Advocacy

We believe that our whole school community has the potential to be advocates of change, and therefore we encourage them to take responsibility for leading this within the school community and wider afield.

Our whole school connected curriculum provides us with the opportunities for social action and where appropriate to challenge injustice.  For example, we have written to the local MP, principal and governors to raise awareness of different issues. In the past, individual children have advocated for specific things to improve our community such as dog waste bins around the village, posters to reduce the speed that cars travel past the front of the school and safer parking around the school.

Each class learns about courageous advocates from across the globe, both past and present, that have faced injustice and overcome barriers in order to help others for the greater good. As part of their learning, the children reflected on what injustice these courageous advocates have faced and how they changed the world for the better. Throughout the year, each class has courageous advocates or an injustice which enables them to focus on taking a lead in investigating and campaigning for change. These link to our class topics. 

Y1 - Bunbury Village Issues: Lollipop man, 

Mary Anning, 

Environmental Issues with travel 

Y2 - RSPB, Environmental/Deforestation/Conservation, Barnados



Y3 - Save our seas – letters to MPs, water pollution, river trust,

Conservation: Sir David Attenborough, Hamza Yassim – conservation, 

Isabella Bird 

Y4 - Jane Goodall, 

Local road maintenance/ Speed, Peaks conservation and national parks


Y5 – Rigoberta Menchú, Inclusivity from language, Stephen Hawkins, Inclusivity through disability, Greta Thunberg, Maya Angelou

Y6 - Anne Frank, Martin Luther King, Animal rights, environment and plastic life underwater


Courageous advocacy enables our school community to develop a greater awareness of the challenges others face in life and how they, as individuals, can support causes and make a difference in our school community, village and further afield.   

By encouraging our children to ‘let their lights shine’, we nurture their unique talents so that they can all have a future full of hope, whilst also providing hope to others.

We take time to reflect upon and appreciate how fortunate we are to be part of such a nurturing school environment, surrounded by supportive peers and staff, which allows us to live life in all its fullness and flourish as individuals. 

Supporting a wide number of charities, locally, nationally and globally, is an integral part of life at Bunbury Aldersey CE Primary. Children are active in choosing the local, national and global charities we support as a school through suggestions, our school Ethos team and our School Council.

In recent years, we have raised money for the following:

Local: Nantwich Foodbank
National Charities: British Legion Poppy Appeal, Children in Need, Save the Children, NSPCC, Comic Relief
International Charities: UNICEF, Christian Aid

We want our school and church to be beacons that shine far and wide, lighting up our region with the light of Jesus through our work, rest and play. By learning about Christian values, by listening to the teachings of Jesus, and by following the example of Jesus, we say to every member of our community: let your light shine.

We celebrate all of our pupil's courageous advocate work on our newsletter too. 


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