A Bunbury Theologian

Bunbury ‘theologians’ let their light shine brightly.....

RCSAT Core RE Team: Mrs Allen, Mrs Croft, Mrs Hunt and Mrs Badger.

Our RE Co-ordinator at Bunbury is Mrs Hunt

Article 29: Children’s education should develop each child’s personality, talents and abilities to the fullest. It should encourage children to respect others, human rights and their own and other cultures. It should also help them learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

Our Curriculum Policy details our intent behind our curriculum, how we implement it and our desired impact. At RCSAT, the school curriculum consists of all those activities designed or encouraged within its organisational framework to provide the intellectual, emotional, personal, social, spiritual and physical development of all its pupils. It includes not only the subject specific curriculum but also the ‘informal’ programme of enrichment and extra-curricular activities.

The curriculum at RCSAT, is firmly rooted in and stems directly from our Vision, Mission and Core Values;

Our Vision – ‘Let your Light shine’ Matthew v5:16

Our Mission – ‘A Caring Christian Family Where We Grow Together’         

Our Core Values –

WE aim to create an enjoyable, inclusive, safe and nurturing environment that allows all children to develop spiritually, morally and socially.

every child is a child of God, made to contribute to our world.

WE aim to create an inspiring environment, which encourages enthusiasm for lifelong learning and establishes an expectation of high standards.

            – knowing the way, showing the way and going the way.

WE aim to encourage caring, sensitive and inclusive attitudes where individuals feel secure, valued and respected by others.

like Jesus showed us through his teachings

WE aim to provide a broad and connected curriculum which challenges and develops the potential of each child.

            – as Jesus needed his disciples to support and guide, so we look to others with more knowledge

WE aim to develop a positive relationship between home, school and our wider community

 -  as a family – as brothers and sisters


Through our RE curriculum, we aim:

1.to engage pupils in enquiring into and exploring questions arising from the study of religion and belief, so as to promote their personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development;

2.to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religious traditions and beliefs represented in Great Britain;

3.to develop their understanding of the ways in which beliefs influence people in their behaviour, practices and outlook;

4.to enable learners to apply the insights of the principal religious traditions to their own search for identity and significance;

5.to enable learners to become aware of their own beliefs and values and to have a positive attitude to the search for meaning and purpose in life;

6.to encourage learners to develop a positive attitude towards other people who hold religious beliefs different from their own.


At Bunbury Aldersey we follow the Chester Diocese scheme of work.  Each concept is built on progressively from Reception to Year 6.

RE is taught on a weekly basis, but is sometimes delivered through a class unit of work or focus world faith/ world belief days. 

Lessons are planned and delivered in a variety of ways, ensuring that all children can access and participate in lessons. Interactive, practical activities encourage the children to discuss their ideas and extend their understanding of difficult concepts and challenging questions.  Opportunities to visit our local church and other places of worship are encouraged to extend pupils’ learning and experiences of RE.

Pupils’ progress in RE is based on the expected outcomes outlined in the Chester Diocese scheme of work. 

We track individual pupils' progress in this way, whilst also bearing in mind that the statements do not cover all aspects of teaching and learning in RE; for example, a pupil’s personal views and ideas are not subject to formal assessment, and yet are central to good RE.


RE at Bunbury develops pupils’:

1.knowledge and understanding of, and their ability to respond to, Christianity, other principal world religions, other religious traditions and world views;

2.understanding and respect for different religions, beliefs, values and traditions (including ethical life stances), through exploring issues within and between faiths;

3.understanding of the influence of faith and belief on individuals, societies, communities and cultures;

4.skills of enquiry and response through the use of religious vocabulary, questioning and empathy;

5.skills of reflection, expression, application, analysis and evaluation of beliefs, values and practices, and the communication of personal responses to these.

6.sense of identity and belonging, preparing them for life as citizens in a plural, global society;

7.ability to consider challenging questions of the meaning and purpose of life; beliefs about God, the self and the nature of reality, issues of right and wrong and what

it means to be human;

8.make links between religious stories and practices and their own lives and the lives of people in their community.






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