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At the heart of everything is a personalised approach to each unique individual as part of our Christian Community. The strong family ethos ensures that all children and staff feel valued, respected and grow in self-confidence. Enthusiastic and caring staff with high expectations, demonstrate care of the whole child. Through God’s guidance we encourage each and every child to 'let their light shine'.


Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to our page. We extend a warm invitation to explore our class documents, information and updates and hope that you find them useful.


"Let Your Light Shine before others, so they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven" (Matthew 5:14-16).

In Year 3 we have talked about being and celebrating the best version of own unique selves; letting our light shine so that we can be a guiding light in the darkness for others. 


Our Christian Values are at the heart of everything we do and every choice we make across the school and the trust. This half term, we are focusing on GENEROSITY, and are exploring how we can be generous with our time, resources and patience.


Transitioning into Key Stage 2

To support our class in the important transition into the Juniors, our classroom is a place of happiness and hard work where we firmly believe that teamwork, self-control and kindness is the key to being the best that we can be. Our needs-based approach means we utilise a calm space, a concentration station, movement and/or brain breaks, curriculum-based outdoor learning, active learning and cooperative learning structures to help us develop skills to further self-regulation and metacognition. 


What are we learning about?

Within our curriculum, we embrace a connected learning approach. This term, our focus centres on the theme 'One Little Drop,' where we explore the historical and scientific significance of water. Our studies encompass the role of waterbodies in ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, as well as its crucial importance in sustaining plant life. We will also trace the journey of a river from its source to the sea and how the water cycle is essential to life on Earth and investigate environmental threats to it.  

To complement our thematic exploration, we've selected two class texts, 'Seal Surfer' and 'Winter's Child,' both intricately linked to the theme of water alongside our guided reading books. These texts will serve as valuable resources to deepen our knowledge, expand our vocabulary and spark our curiosity as we embark on this aquatic exploration!



In Year 3, we want to encourage a love of words and reading as we move towards becoming free readers who are self-motivated to pick up a book. In our classroom, we have a comfy reading corner and library where we can choose from fiction and non-fiction from Diary of a Wimpy Kid to topic-related books to books with themes like growth minset and emotional literacy. This is in addition to the much larger main school library, which we can access at lunchtimes. Reading is encouraged at home and our green reading records are kept up to date with parental signatures or initials, including a place for our thoughts and book reviews. Based on these reading records and regular benchmarking we have our reading rewards wall where students are rewarded for reading their consistency and improvement.

At home, everything can be an excuse to engage with reading including graphic novels, audiobooks, magazines, read alouds, subtitles on film/tv, recipes, shopping lists, signs and leaflets, the back of a cereal box!



Our PE classes are scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays, we will need outdoor coats as we enter the colder seasons!



You will find all of the documents you need for completing your homework in the tab at the top of this page. 
This is where you will now find all of the spelling sheets, homework sheets and fluency grid for the children to practice.

**Please note: the spellings in Table 1 on the page 'Weekly Spelling Homework' are the words that will be in our spelling test. The spellings in Table 2 are the National Curriculum statutory spellings and we ask that these are learnt in addition to the spelling test words in Table 1. These will not be formally assesed in a spelling test, but will be assessed in their writing as and when they crop up. **

Should you wish to get in touch, please contact us via the office to request a phonecall or arrange a meeting:


Kind Regards, 

Mrs Dewsbury


Our Class Charter

As a rights respecting school, we wholeheartely believe in educating children about their rights and  one of the first activities completed in September is to write our Class Charter. The children choose a number of articles which they feel must be met at school. It is then discussed how the adults (duty bearers) and the pupils (rights holders) in school ensure that these rights are met.







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