Bunbury CE Primary School promotes the view that regular attendance is important to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for all of our children. 

As a distinctly Christian school we will promote positive behaviour and good attendance through our use of daily collective acts of worship, Religious Education, the curriculum and a wide range of learning materials. 

All children should be at school, on time, every day the school is open, unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable.  All children are sometimes reluctant to attend school.  Any problems that arise with attendance are best resolved between the school, the parents/carers and the child.


Absence from School

If any child has not been registered or the school has not been notified about a child’s absence by 9:30am, the school will contact the Parent(s)/Carer(s).


Authorised Absence - where the school approves pupil absence. 

These absences may include sickness, hospital, emergency dentist appointments and religious holidays

Under the provisions of the Education Act 1993 only the school and not the Parent(s)/Carer(s) can authorise absence. 

A pupil is deemed to have an authorised absence when he/she is unable to attend either because:  

  • He/she is ill
  • Of a religious observance 
  • Of a bereavement or some exceptional circumstances negotiated with the Head Teacher  



Children who are late are disrupting not only their own education but also that of others. 

The school gate opens at 8.30am to allow children to prepare for the start of the day.  School begins at 8.50 am and all children are expected to be in their classroom for registration at this time.  Any child arriving later than 8.45 am (when the gate is locked), should enter via the main entrance, and report to the office and their Parent(s)/Carer(s) should fill in the "Late Book" and it will be noted that the gate was locked.  

Anyone arriving after 8.50 am will be given a late mark.  Registers close in the office at 9.30am, anyone arriving after this time will be marked at unauthorised unless a medical reason is provided. 


Family Holidays during term time

Parent(s)/Carer(s) will be strongly urged to avoid booking a family holiday during term time. Holiday’s will not be authorised in term time.  Parent(s)/Carer(s) do not have the right to take their child or young person out of school for such a holiday.  A child who is absent longer than 10 days after an agreed return date, can legally be removed from the school roll and may be liable to prosecution. 

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