Living out our vision in school and community

The words of the Sermon on the Mount remind us that a light should not be put under a bowl – it should give light to everyone, including oneself. In possession of God’s light and His love, it is possible for us all to show something of his light in our families, in our school, in our community and throughout the world.

We contribute monthly to our Parish Magazine, The Link, spreading our work with all those within our community


Spreading Kindness in the Community - Children in Need November 2020

Christmas Cards in the Community December 2020.

Welcoming our Reception children into school September 2021

Our year 5 children wrote a letter to their reception buddies to welcome them to our school. These were hand delivered to the classroom along with a Bunbury Aldersey CE Primary Teddy Bear. All the children were very happy to meet their buddy and we hope this will be start of a lovely friendship during their time at Bunbury.


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Fundraising in our community 2022.

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It teaches children to do their best, to celebrate their talents and show compassion and care in all situations. I think it is a strong and great vision for the school.

Parent Ethos Survey December 2021



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