Nursery - Early Birds Pre-School

Manager:       Mrs Gillian Cadman

D/Manager:    Mrs Jessica Hitchmough

Location:       C/o Bunbury Aldersey CE Primary School, School Lane, Bunbury, Cheshire. CW6 9NR

Hours:            Open all week with the following sessions:-

                        Sessions:-  8.45 am - 12 noon Morning Session

                                          8.45 am - 1 pm Morning session plus lunch club

                                          8.45 am - 3 pm All day session

                                          Packed Lunch to be provided by parents

                          Breakfast and after pre-school clubs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 

                                           7.45 am - 8.45 am Breakfast Club

                                           3 pm - 4.15 pm Early collection after pre-school  club

                                           3 pm - 5.30 pm After pre-school club including high tea

Telephone:     01829 261264 (answerphone available) 

Registration:  01829 260410 or


Early Birds Pre-School was founded as Bunbury Playgroup in 1969. Since this time the Pre-School has established a reputation as an excellent provider of Early Years education, providing opportunities for children in the important pre-school years within a supportive, happy and stimulating environment.

Early Birds has been inspected five times, and highly praised, by OFSTED (Office of Standards in Education), the last full combined inspection was July 2009. A copy of the report is on view at Early Birds, on Ofsted’s website or you can download it below.

Early Birds is managed by a voluntary committee comprising of parents, which is elected annually. The committee is responsible for the management of the Pre-School, including the appointment of staff. The Manager is responsible for day-to-day running of the group, curriculum planning, etc.

The best way to get to know about Early Birds is to come and see us at work and play. You are more than welcome to come and visit us any morning, just telephone and make an appointment.



Bunbury Aldersey CE Primary School

School Lane, Bunbury Cheshire CW6 9NR

T: (01829) 260524 or